Grandparent Visitation

 In Indiana, the law affords grandparents the right to visit with their grandchildren as long as these visits are in the child’s best interest. If properly obtained, this right can even survive the adoption of the child.

Ensuring the Best Interest of Children.

Every family is different. In many situations, maintaining a bond with a grandparent is a central part of a child’s life. In situations where parents are divorcing, the death of a parent, or a child is born outside of a marriage, grandparents can seek visitation with their grandchildren. Whether you are a grandparent seeking to maintain your bond with your grandchild or you are a parent attempting to protect your child from a grandparent that may not be appropriate for your child, we can explain the legal standard and the options in your specific circumstance. Whatever the situation or your role in the grandparent visitation case, you can be sure that we are ready to help you fight for the best interests of the children in your life.


Seeking Grandparent Visitation
Defending Against Grandparent Visitation